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Quoted from Hewlett and Martin’s Tank Girl 3 by Miss Fonzie Rebecca Buck.


“My friend Barney is a fucking head case. I met her in a mental hospital. she likes to steel cars and drives like a fucking idiot one of these days she’ll end up in Stoke Mandeville smoking Cigar butts with jimmy saville. I feel close to her, weve had so many near death experiences together, we’ve bonded on a very strange level of consciousness. most of the time she hangs out with all of our mates and smoke pot, but sometimes she singles me out for one of her trips. I always go. Her fave food is Tea and her fave film star is James Dean she’s not right in the head, that’s why she’s never been fucked.”

“think everyone has a friend just like Barney, I know I do...”

Iwannariot 🤪