Camp Koala
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Camp Koala
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Koala stuffed toy

A stitchy, brown, gay, koala-shaped stuffed toy described as "the Jeremy Thorpe of comics", whom TG sodomizes with a hot banana. Camp Koala died tragically when they were playing baseball with live hand grenades which Camp eagerly caught in the outfield, exploding on impact, resulting in a violent, bloody, and gruesome death. After a tearless and comical funeral service, the other characters go to a toy store and buy an accursed doggo to replace him. Camp Koala is known for visiting occasionally as a guardian angel. He is the only character TG's ever admitted to loving.

After being written out of the Tank Girl stories, Camp became a wealthy tycoon and once bailed out TG out of prison in one of her later adventures.