Did you know?

  • Booga is 25 years old
  • Booga's dad is a Werewolf and the Swiss Yeti
  • Jet Girl and Sub Girl are TG's friends since early childhood (though TG's mother used to like Sub Girl and disliked Jet Girl)
  • Stevie is Tanky's Ex
  • Prior to his relationship with TG Booga had little experience with girls.Tanky is his first girlfriend
  • Tank Girl drives a MK II Charcer Tank
  • Tank Girls official Bodycount is 787
  • Tanky actually DOES Age through the first 4 Issues of Tank girl. In #1 she mentions she's 21, in #2 it#s her 22nd birthday and in #3 she claims to be 23 years old...
  • Tanky has a Sister about the same age
  • Tanky's Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Shenanigan
  • The Timeline of TG's Adventures is non-linear. Her early adventures in the Outback are set roughly in the year 2031, her later adventures in Britain however are implied to be set in the early-mid 90ies, after she has passed the trans-dimensional Gate hidden beyond the fountain of youth she travels through time and alternate realities and visits the 50ies-70ies... (the 1995 Film however is set in the year 2033)