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Rebecca "Tank Girl" Buck
Tank Girl
Vital statistics
Title Tank Girl
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction formerly: Australian Army/Tank Squad, later: military renegades
Health nope!
Level always high
Status open relationship with Booga
Location Australia (later:everywhere)

Tank Girl

Tank Girl ("TG" or "Tanky"), known as "Big Ears" to her Friends and "Tanicha" to the Aboriginals, is the main character of the Tank Girl comics. She lives in her large tank and is an Australian outlaw. Her real name presumably is her full name is Rebecca Buck or Fonzie Rebecca Buckler. Her first words were "cauliflower penis". When she was 7, she started a collection of novelty pencil sharpeners (which is now housed in the National Museum of Modern Pencil Sharpeners, Sydney). She is prone to random acts of sex and violence, hair dyeing, flatulence, nose picking, vomiting, spitting, and more than occasional drunkenness. She also has the ability to outrun any ice cream van--even Mr. Whippy.

Tank Girl originally worked as a tank operator and soldier for the Australian Army under the command of her training officer Sergeant Small Unit. When the organization gives Tank Girl the task of delivering a colostomy pouching system to President Hogan, her tank gets appropriated by mutated Kangoroos and she is unable to make the delivery on time. After this she is outlawed and becomes a military renegade, living in her tank and using it to her advantage while finding herself in a number of surreal adventures with Bounty Hunters, extra-dimensional Ninjas, Mutants, the Australian Mafia and the Police.Among her friends are many Aboriginals , who believe her to be the incarnation of Tanicha, a spirit of youth and joy the Elders had once conjured to aid their people against greedy white land holders who tried to drive their people from their sacred Spirit Grounds.

After being caught by Government Agents at a trip to Great Britain TG and her crew get incarcerated in Bell's end, a mental asylum for deranged former military personnel and later a surreal Boarding School for brainwashing. After searching the Fountain of Youth to help her dying grandmother, TG gets drawn into a Time Portal and travels as a lone wanderer through different Times and alternate realities.

Later Stories set Tankys and Boogas early Adventures in the early nineties, re-tell TGs backstory with the New World Order Army totally different and continually change and re-vamp the entire Tank Girl universe subverting any idea of "canon", "logic" , "timeline", "continuity" ...

The 1995 Movie[]

See Tank Girl (movie character)


She can be seen with many different outfits and hair styles, though typically she is wearing half shirts or simply a bra. She often wears shorts and plenty of earrings and necklaces. Her natural hair color appears to be blonde.


Booga - Booga is Tank Girl's current boyfriend. Though he often messes things up, they have been dating for a while. An example of this is when he managed to blow up her tank.

Jet Girl - Jet Girl is a brilliant mechanic, and pilot. She appeared in comics, and, was in the movie Tank Girl (1995), played by Naomi Watts.

Sub Girl - She appeared in comics, and, had a very small part in the movie Tank Girl (1995), played by Ann Cusack.



Tank Girl's Baby - half human, half tank, born alcoholic and drug-addicted.Tankys only child from a drunk one-night-stand with her tank, the only time she openly admitted having been unfaithful to Booga.