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Rebecca a.k.a. "Tank Girl"
Lori petty as tank girl.jpg
Tank Girl in the movie
Vital statistics
Title Tank Girl
Gender Female
Race Human

Tank Girl (real name Rebecca) is the eponymous protagonist of the 1995 film Tank Girl; portrayed by actress Lori Petty. She is based on the character of the same name from the Tank Girl comics.

In the film, TG is part of a community or resistance group that steals water from the Water + Power Mega Corporation which has taken over World power after an asteroid impact. When the W+P Military takes out her home she is getting enslaved, but eventually befriends a W+P Technician called Jet and manages to steal a high tech Mini-Tank and a military Jet, becoming Tank Girl and Jet Girl. In the Desert Jet and Rebecca meet the eccentric Loner Sub Girl who believes in a prophecy about a great flood and is friends with a militant group of mutated kangooroos known as the Rippers. After freeing Rebeccas young friend Sam from a Brothel in a town called liquid silver, she eventually finds the Ripper headquarters and eventually bands together with them, one of the Mutants, a dim-witted but kindhearted Kangooroo named Booga becoming her new boyfriend. In the End TG and the Rippers succeed to infiltrate the W+P Headquarters and kill the sadist Corporations President Kesslee, they free the Waters stashed by the company and after 30 years for the first time it#s raining again, fullfulling Johnny Prophet and Sub Girls prediction.